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Cerebus the Aardvark – Baskin Rig Finished!

I finished my work on the Baskin rig this past weekend. I’ll try to post updates on the project with how it’s going, but please check out their production blog to see everything about the project.

I worked a long time on making sure I understood how I was building the rig, keeping notes so I can recreate it easier later.

I specifically focused on getting a few things to work as I wanted them to be, like a No Flip Knee with a Pole Vector. It was a really great opportunity to work with a guy like Oliver Simonsen, who’s doing an amazing job putting this kind of project together. I learned a whole lot these past few months that I hope to keep working on and getting better at.

This is the link with my rig part in it, it’s just a picture. They’ll post animation update as things develop.

“Balloon” – short film

I was able to clean up a couple of shots. There’s more I would like to work on, but I wanted to get to working on new projects with what I was able to learn from this one. This was an ambitious and complex project that allowed my team to be challenged in many ways with story ¬†development, character designing, 3D modeling/rigging/animation, and it was our first time attempting anything like this. The project went through many changes, even into the last couple of months where we reworked the story structure and cut out a few things we’d worked on. It was a tough but enjoyable experience.

“A Balloon Story”

by Jose Molina, Andrew Rodriguez, Raul Padilla, Eric Garcia.

I was the Director/Writer responsible for Concept Art/Story Development, Character Rigging, Ncloth and Paint Effects Dynamics, Compositing, and Music.
Along with my team mates, I also did a little bit of Clean Up Animation, part of the Lighting/Texturing, part of the Character Modeling, and part of the Backgrounds.

Rigging reel

UPDATED: 02/13/2012